Townsville Marksmen Rifle Club – Shooting Australia Club of the Year

The Townsville Marksmen Rifle Club is the only rifle club in Queensland that maintains dual membership of two National Shooting Organisations being NRAA & Target Rifle Australia. The Club provides a number of opportunities for both members and first timers including having equipment available to suit all abilities as well as those with disabilities.

The Club invested in laser pistol and infra-red laser equipment earlier this year and use this as a platform for ensuring all first time visitors are able to participate on their first visit. The laser equipment is also a great educational mechanism to promote all forms of safe precision shooting.

Volunteers of the Townsville Marksmen Rifle Club are continually acknowledged and it is ensured there is always a welcoming environment for them.The Club continues to grow its membership base by expanding its initiatives which included conducting its first open small-bore competition in October this year.

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